Lets start with animals

Manatees those lovable sea buns.
Black&white animals are an interesting option
Sloth getting the christmas feeling
Lark and other spring birds on my mind

I started doodling. I’m quite an animal lover and its the easiest subject for me to start drawing. And I’m mostly inspired by nature also on its other forms. Also old things like rusty iron and abadoned buildings are awesome but they are not cute. And I’m all about cute at the moment maybe because of the baby hormons:D But also logically thinking what would people like look in their breakfast tables or at the terrace of a summer cottage. I would also like to write something short on some products but how to avoid being cheesy, sarcastic or like those aforism photos on facebook? I’m also thinking about colors how to do them.. Propably hand drawn and painted is the style I’m going with to keep it personal. Watercolors might feel fresh enough or marker to keep it sharp? Or both styles soft and clear?

And are photos interesting enough for example for a cutting board?





About Norteva

cropped-img_20161004_084815.jpgThis blog is for my future trademark. I’m 27 years old creative woman on maternity leave who’s tossing around ideas of products to make for sale. I think I’ll mostly update some sketches or other things that have something to do with future products but its possible that I’ll just slip to full on diary with this blog. I live in Helsinki, Finland.

History of me.

Always drawing as a child and then always on art class in school. When I turned 18 I started working in restaurants and anyone who has knows its quite intense especially if you’re new and motivated to learn. So it happens that I finally gratuade from high school when I’m almost 22.. Oops. But I also worked in one of the most hip and awarded restaurant chains in Helsinki as a shift manager. And all that without any gastronomy education. But I was longing for something more creative. Friend of an friend was a dressmaker who was working in a small fabric shop and this shop owner was always talking about selling the shop. As I was already helping there to sew simple stuff to help this new acquaintance on her overdose off orders we thought what the hell why not.

So I and her started our own company 2012 (me only 23 years old). It took about 2,5 years for me to admit that it was really a too heavy priced hobby. There was a lot of things that led me to almost a total melt down. Not to point anything but entrepreneurs please remember yourselves! But I’ve moved on now, no grudges. And I learned a lot about running a business, making contacts, sewing, interior design, materials and processes.

So I was broke, shaky, unsure of myself and pissed off. Went back to my old work place and after a week I was already smiling! People who appreciate your work and laugh at your stupid jokes can make a huge difference in ones life. And biggest thanks goes to my boyfriend who stood there on my side all the time and didn’t go away even I lived on his expence and I wasn’t always such a sweetheart on those stress levels.

After I got back on my feet it was time to think about future again. I applied to school to study furniture design and I was invited to audition exams. I didn’t get in. But after this shock came another. I made an positive pregnancy test! We had no intentions to make babies at that point but it felt like a sign and we decided that it was actually a perfect timing. So here I am writing this and thinking again about future while my baby boy is napping in my lap.

Yours truly Karolina Norteva