People like it big

At least when its about my prints:) I’m honored to tell you that Peony-trays are sold out for now. And only one Catbun-tray is left. But don’t you worry, more is to arrive soon! Before May! In this next batch is coming also some chopping boards and 1 new design Hydrangea.


Last weeks has been super busy otherwise too. My son was in flu same time as I was making preliminary assignments to get into school to study design and my man was and is still working long days because of his deadlines. At this time we also realised that we have to apply to kindergarden if we want a place for our son in August. He already got a place, my deadline is over and spring is fully on! I’m going to enjoy good weathers in playgrounds and try to make this business increase. And I will consider what to do if I don’t get in to school. Before I was sure that I ‘d be home till next spring but now that we got a place in a nice new kindergarden I’m having second thoughts..

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