How is it going?

It’s going really well! Because yesterday I got my first test tray in to my hands 🙂 Picture needs some touch up and I realised that I want it to have a bit more white around as “frame”.


We are going to have another sunday at the boyfriends office to finalise rest of the designs. Well he’s doing the job and I comment and entertain our baby while he is at it. My 3D wizard man is the best ❤ Again I couldn’t do this without him! But it really looks like I’m really getting to launch these in this month.

I have already checked some outdoor market happenings to attend to and first one is going to be in April at Hakaniemen tori. Hopefully people will find my products and I could attend to these on some other weekends too. At least I’ll go to my childhood home town to sell in legendary Toijalan markkinat in June. Oh so grown up, last time I was there I propably just bought some cotton candy.


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