Vision is getting clearer

I think I have decided what I’m going to do. For starters some cutting boards and square and round breakfast trays. If its possible to have different pics on both sides of the cutting boards they will have this summer/winter theme with finnish wild animals as I’m fascinated of these color changing animals. And for round breakfast trays I was visualizing a perfect puffed blush peony and a sleeping cat bun for example. Square trays are also getting something pretty and nature related.

Later propably closer to next fall I’ll turn these color shifter animals into reflectors.

I’ve been sketching to a small note book mostly when my boy has been sleeping in my lap same time so I got better drive on yesterday evening when I sat by table with bigger paper. Aah! No cramps or wrist ache:D And now that I have mostly decided what I’m doing I feel more effective regarding this actual drawing.dsc_0858dsc_0859img_20161112_210655dsc_0898img_20161110_101650

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