Lets start with animals

Manatees those lovable sea buns.
Black&white animals are an interesting option
Sloth getting the christmas feeling
Lark and other spring birds on my mind

I started doodling. I’m quite an animal lover and its the easiest subject for me to start drawing. And I’m mostly inspired by nature also on its other forms. Also old things like rusty iron and abadoned buildings are awesome but they are not cute. And I’m all about cute at the moment maybe because of the baby hormons:D But also logically thinking what would people like look in their breakfast tables or at the terrace of a summer cottage. I would also like to write something short on some products but how to avoid being cheesy, sarcastic or like those aforism photos on facebook? I’m also thinking about colors how to do them.. Propably hand drawn and painted is the style I’m going with to keep it personal. Watercolors might feel fresh enough or marker to keep it sharp? Or both styles soft and clear?

And are photos interesting enough for example for a cutting board?





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